AC & ABC Training

The Ministry of Agriculture, GoI, in association with NABARD via National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE) launched a flagship training program to adopt better methods of farming to the farming community across the country.

The training program is a two month residential and intense one, and is being closely monitored by the MANAGE since 2004. This program aims at providing a quality training to the Agriculture graduates though they are fresher and employed. This kind of program will eventually enable the trainees to set up their own Agri-Clinic and Agri-Business Centre and also offer professional extension services to several numbers of farmers.   There has been a felt need to take challenges vis-à-vis agricultural extension, which is rapidly growing and diverse agriculture sector, hence the ACABC training take place in Madurai and Puducherry ( UT) as the Nodal Training Institute ( NTI).

 The policies of liberalization and globalization of the economy and the level of agricultural technology becoming more sophisticated and complex, called for major initiatives towards reorientation and modernization of the agricultural extension system. Thus, VAPS has succeeded in facilitating Bank loans more than 12 crores to the  trainees to excel in agribusiness.